Stainless steel is one of the popular choices when designing balustrades for homes with its superior durability and smooth finish. It can provide a stunning addition to architectural designs, especially when paired with timber or glass. If you’re planning to redesign a balcony or add fencing to your new home, our stainless steel balustrading in is an option not to miss.

High Resistance to Corrosion and Low Maintenance Requirements

Stainless steel is best when installing new architectural designs for both indoors and outdoors. The material is highly resistant to corrosion, providing your balustrades with a finish that can last for years.


  • WA designed and manufactured.
  • Built to Australian Standards and BCA codes.
  • A Grade toughened or laminated toughened safety glass.
  • Custom design options to suit any home/office.
  • Choice of built-in handrails (stainless steel, timber, aluminum), to add strength and comfort.
  • Maximises aesthetic appeal.
  • High polish or satin finish.
  • Choice of stylish stainless steel fixings, i.e. planar, spigots.