Toughened Glass


Toughened glass lends itself as a complete and proven solution where the usual benefits of annealed glass have to be combined with additional safety and strength.

This product is manufactured by heating flat (annealed) glass to high temperatures followed by a rapid cooling process. This process gives toughened glass more than four times the strength of ordinary glass of the same thickness.

The tensile and balancing compressive stresses give toughened safety glass much greater resistance to impact.

Toughened safety glass forms small granules in the unlikely event of breakage. This safety feature is what makes it so appealing compared to regular flat glass which breaks into very dangerous large sharp shards.

Due to its smooth surface glass pool fences are a great choice as they are extremely difficult to climb over.

With the importance of the safety of children all our products are manufactured and installed in accordance with all Australian safety standards.

Toughened safety glass is a durable and cost effective product. It requires very little maintenance and guarantees to add value to your investment.